Department of Electronic Engineering

Hellenic Mediterranean University

Laboratory of Electronics, Laser & Plasma Technologies, Machining & Simulations (LATRONICS)

Laboratory of Electronics, Laser & Plasma Technologies, Processing & Simulations, the Director of the Laboratory is Professor Ioannis Hatzakis.

The purpose of the Laboratory is to cover the research and teaching needs of the Department of Electronic Engineering at undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and post-doctoral levels in matters related to the Laboratory’s academic subjects. It also participates in Lifelong Learning, education and training actions in all fields of its activities.

The Laboratory aims to develop research that will focus on general and specific scientific topics of electronic science and technology, laser and plasma science and technology as well as processing and simulations. It aims to promote scientific research in related subjects, such as the electronic science of matter, the development of electronic and optoelectronic devices, optoelectronics, the science and technology of lasers and their applications, the science and technology of plasma produced by interaction of laser pulses with matter and from power electronic devices and their applications, optics, optoelectronic automation, machining and simulation and scientific programming.

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