Department of Electronic Engineering

Hellenic Mediterranean University

Psychosocial Support

Counseling and Psychosocial Support for the students of the Department of Electronic Engineering

HMU operates the new very important service of the Counseling and Psychosocial Support Center (KESYPSY) available to all members of the academic community of the Foundation, students, teachers, and administrators.
The goals and objectives of the Center are to help all members, for a smoother and more effective adaptation to the educational process either due to personal difficulties or due to the particular stressful conditions that it imposes.
The Center has a support team consisting of the Foundation’s Physician, Psychologists, Social Worker, and where it needs a Nurse. At the same time, it cooperates with institutions and individuals (nursing institutions, welfare, psychiatrists, etc.) throughout Crete, for similar referrals where necessary.
Emphasis is placed on mental health issues at the primary and tertiary levels (community mental health and reintegration into the educational process), covering the full range of mental disorders. Prevention is also a major concern of the Center, through psychoeducation and information on issues of similar interest to individuals or groups (announcements, workshops, conferences).
Also, KESYPSY intervenes, if requested, in social difficulties, such as interpersonal and family relationships, but also especially in relationships that result from the educational process of teachers-students, or between colleagues.
KESYPSY may also play an advisory, rather than an opinion, role in such cases,
f requested by the HMU authorities.
The services are provided completely free of charge and are governed by a strict confidentiality and confidentiality protocol.
It operates throughout the academic year, 09:30 – 13:30, Monday to Friday, by appointment, except in exceptional cases and of course covers ONLY the members of the Community of HMU.

KESYPSY Volunteer Group “Parontes”
KESYΨY encourages HMU students to become active members of the academic community by creating volunteer groups.
In this context, it cooperates with the entire academic community but also with government agencies or non-profit organizations and provides students with the opportunity to offer their help in the social adaptation of sensitive groups of the population of the academic community.
Volunteers who support KESYPSY under the name “Present” are trained and participate in specialized theoretical and experiential seminars, in which they participate by completing a membership application. Click on the online volunteer registration application.
Those interested in more information can contact KESYPSY by phone (at 2810 379539), in person, or by e-mail.
In case you face a problem (psychological, social, economic, academic, disability, etc.) you can contact the KESYPSY volunteers, requesting their details from the Secretariat of the Department.


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