Department of Electronic Engineering

Hellenic Mediterranean University


Sectors of the Department of Electronic Engineering

For administrative, educational, and research reasons, the Department consists of three (3) Departments that specialize in different and at the same time complementary scientific and technological fields. These Areas are:


The Electronics Sector, staffed by the following 10 members of the permanent staff:

  • Eleftherios Kapetanakis, Associate Professor
  • Eleftheria Katsivela, Associate Professor
  • Spyridoula-Melina Kotti, Associate Professor
  • Ioannis Makris, Professor
  • Konstantinos Petridis, Associate Professor (Director of the Office of International Relations HMU, Erasmus Minister)
  • Vassilios Saltas, Associate Professor
  • Georgios Stavroulakis, Professor (Director of the Laboratory of “Environmental Technologies & Applications (LETA)”)
  • Michail Tatarakis, Professor (Director of the Research Institute “Physics of Plasma & Lasers (IPPL)”, Director of PMS “Lasers, Plasma & Applications”)
  • Ioannis Phytilis, Assistant Professor (Academic Head of Erasmus Department)
  • Ioannis Hatzakis, Professor (Chairman of the Department, Director of the Laboratory “Electronics, Laser & Plasma Technologies, Processing & Simulations (LATRONICS)”)


The Automation & Informatics Sector, staffed by the following 9 members of a permanent Staff:

  • Emmanuel Antonidakis, Professor
  • Dimitrios Kalderis, Associate Professor (Head of Sector)
  • Maria Kouli, Assistant Professor
  • Antonios Konstantaras, Professor (Deputy Head of Department, Director of Automation Technology Laboratory, and Computer Technology, Informatics & Electronic Construction Laboratory)
  • Emmanouil Maravelakis, Associate Professor (Director of the “Design, Machining & Automation (DMA Lab)” Laboratory)
  • Nikolaos Bikakis, Assistant Professor
  • Nikolaos Petrakis, Lecturer
  • Georgios Fuskitakis, Associate Professor
  • Nikolaos Fragiadakis, Lecturer


The Telecommunications Sector, staffed by the following 6 members of the permanent staff:

  • Ioannis Vardiampasis, Professor (Director of the “Telecommunications & Networks” Sector, Director of the “Telecommunications & Electromagnetic Applications” Laboratory (TelEMA Lab), Director of the “Electronic Telecommunications & Automation Systems (ISTA)”)
  • Evangelos Kokkinos, Associate Professor
  • Stylianos Kouridakis, Lecturer
  • George Liodakis, Lecturer
  • Ioannis Barbounakis, Assistant Professor
  • Christos Nikolopoulos, Assistant Professor

and includes the Research Laboratory:

  • Telecommunications & Electromagnetic Applications Laboratory.


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