Department of Electronic Engineering

Hellenic Mediterranean University



Quality Policy and Quality Objectives of the Department of Electronic Engineering of the H.M.U.

Quality Policy

The policy for quality assurance and improvement at the H.M.U. and the Department of Electronic Engineering derives from the Greek Institutional Framework and the European Framework (mainly of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education – ENQA and the European Qualifications Framework – EQF). The Department’s policy on quality assurance and its implementation strategy are implemented by developing and specifying criteria and procedures, but also by monitoring their implementation, by the Internal Evaluation Team (EOTC). The EOTC is a structure of the Department dedicated to the organization, coordination and implementation of evaluation and quality assurance procedures through the development and implementation of the Internal Quality Assurance System (IQS).


Internal Quality Assurance System

The Internal Quality Assurance System (IQΑS) aims to achieve high quality in the operation of the University and the continuous improvement of its educational and research work, as well as the effective operation and performance of its services, in accordance with international practices, in particular those of the European Higher Education Area, and the principles and guidelines of the National Authority for Higher Education (HAHE). The scope of the IQΑS  is the application of quality assurance to the academic units, the administrative services and the human resources of the University. In particular, this includes the academic accreditation of the University’s Programs of Study and the accreditation of the IQΑS. The IQΑS Quality Handbook is the official document of the IQΑS  and is used as a guide for its implementation. It consists of work units called processes that aim to meet the requirements of the relevant quality standard of the HAEF. 


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