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Lifelong Learning (education and training) is a continuous process of acquiring, renewing, supplementing and specializing an individual’s knowledge and skills so that he can be a member of a knowledge-based society. The continuous learning process must be available to all citizens and serve the needs and interests of each person at each stage of their life. The development of knowledge, skills and therefore the abilities of the individual can be the result of all forms of learning.

Nowadays, continuous education is considered a necessary condition for the individual and professional development of every citizen and employee. Most modern organizations, as employers, offer their staff the opportunity to improve their knowledge.

HMU, due to its technological nature and its founding law, has a statutory obligation to develop actions that contribute to improving the knowledge and skills of its graduates in relation to the needs of society and the economy.

HMU has resources (infrastructure and human resources) to provide lifelong education and training in many fields of its general activity, such as technological applications in engineering specialties, geotechnical field, economy and business administration, tourism, health and social welfare, nutrition, the environment, etc.

In this context, the local CISCO HMU academy has been established through which the following training programs are already provided (see Announcements):


In addition, a continuous effort is underway to provide new and sought-after programs related to Information & Communication Technologies (ICT). For more information about the current educational programs of the Cisco Academy of the Electronic Engineering Department see:

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