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Healthcare for students of the Department of Electronic Engineering

In the past, uninsured students received medical care at the expense of the educational institution, after the issuance of medical care booklets.
In the circulars “Α3γ / Γ.Π.οικ.53790 / 15-07-2016” and “Α3γ / Γ.Π.οικ.39364 / 31-05-2016” of the Ministry of Health it is provided that “all citizens, Greeks and legally resident foreigners, holders of AMKA, are entitled to full access to all Public Health Structures, including University Hospitals, entitled to zero participation in the cost of medication. Based on the above, uninsured students will have medical care at the expense of the Ministry of Health. After that, the Foundation will not issue new medical care booklets nor will it renew those in force today.

European Disease Insurance Card (EDIC)
The European Health Insurance Card (EDIC) is issued by the Office of Care & Social Welfare for students who are insured with the TEI of Crete when they are going to move to the countries of the European Union with a program (Erasmus, Leonardo, Socrates, etc.).

The necessary documents for the issuance of EDIC are:

  • EDIC issue request
  • The Student Care Booklet should be considered for the current year. If the transfer takes place within the framework of a program (eg Erasmus), a Certificate from the International Relations Office of ELMEPA is required for the specific program and its duration. If the transfer is made for another reason, a Min. Statement (article 8 of Law 1599/1986) for the reason that the student moves and applies to EDIC.
  • Photocopy of ID and passport.

In case of loss, disaster or other problem with EDIC, a relevant statement issued by the Department of Care & Social Welfare should be completed.

EDIC Use Information
After its expiration, EDIC must be returned to the Department of Care & Social Welfare of the TEI of Crete, together with a Responsible Declaration (article 8 par. 4 N 1599/1986) which will state whether the card was used or not.
In case of its use, more information should be given for the provision of services in the country of residence, for the extent and nature of the provided care, but also for any difficulties in the use of EDIC.

Useful information to the holder of EDIC
The European Health Insurance Card (EDIC), which is the first and so far the only Community document declaring European citizenship. It is the first “identity” of the insured of each Member State as a European citizen.
The following actions are required for its proper and legal use:
Initial check if your personal information is entered correctly. In case of an error, you must contact the Service at ELMEPA, while if there are no errors, you must sign the card, which is then ready to be used.

If any of the student’s personal or insurance details change by the end of EDIC, the Service must be notified immediately.
As of 1/6/2004, EDIC is the official Community Certificate of your insurance right, in order to receive at the expense of your Insurance Agency disease benefits in kind (medical or hospital care) during your temporary stay in a Member State of the European Union. , in Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland. Until its expiration date, EDIC is valid for many trips.
EDIC replaces the E111-E128 community forms issued so far for tourism, work or study. It is strictly personal, but does not have a photograph, so for the identification of the holder another official Greek document with a photograph is required (such as a passport, police ID if the name is also written in Latin, or European driving license).
In order to be able to visit directly any health unit (doctor or hospital) of the state health system where you live temporarily, you are required to always have the card with you. By demonstrating it (and submitting a photocopy), you are provided with the health care services required by your health condition.
The holder of the EDIC is entitled, during his temporary stay in another Member State, to bear the burden of the medical care provided to him under the same conditions as those provided by the law of that Member State for his own insured persons. If he goes to a private hospital or to a private physician working outside the health insurance system in the Member State of residence, he is not entitled to bear the charge except in accordance with the conditions laid down in the law of that State. In such a case, the sufferer should be informed that additional costs will be incurred and that the cost will not be borne by the disease insurance system.

Any kind of vital health care (eg, dialysis), which is provided only in specialized medical units, requires prior consultation between the patient and the unit that provides that particular type of health care to ensure that it is available during a temporary residence of the insured in the Member State.
EDIC no longer covers only the emergency, but any incident that will be deemed necessary by the doctor or hospital you visit, after considering the type of care you need and the duration of your temporary stay in that state, which you will be asked to prove it with a document (even with your return ticket to Greece or with your statement).
EDIC does not apply to scheduled treatment (medical travel), which requires approval and still requires, as before, the E112 Community form.
In case of loss, theft or destruction of EDIC as well as in case of destruction of the personal or insurance data listed in EDIC, you must definitely contact the competent body of the place of your temporary residence, which will request from our Service a certificate with which it will certify that you are entitled to health care.
You can also contact our Service by phone or fax and after explaining the reasons, request that the special application form for EDIC be sent to you, which after completing it you will send by fax, in order to issue a new card or temporary replacement certificate. of EDIC, depending on the initial expiration time of your card.
EDIC will be valid for a period of 1 month to 1 year, depending on the duration of the study program for which the student is moving and based on the visa of their illness booklet.
If the institution does not wish to issue the card before the departure of the interested party or in case of loss of the card, the institution issues a temporary replacement certificate to the health care providers located in the Member State of residence. This procedure is exceptional and corresponds to an emergency. This solution cannot be used regularly and insured persons must first be able to present their card to the health care providers of the other Member States.
The temporary replacement certificate has the same use as the European health insurance card but has limited validity.
For more information, you can contact the Student Welfare Office (on the ground floor of the old building opposite the entrance of the offices of the professors of the Department).


Student Care
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