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Articles in international scientific journals




    1. M. Krassas, C. Polyzoidis, P. Tzourmpakis, D. Kosmidis, G. Viskadouros, N. Kornilios, G. Charalambidis, V. Nikolaou, A. Coutsolelos, K. Petridis, M.M. Stylianakis, and E. Kymakis, “Benzothiadiazole based cascade material to boost the performance of inverted ternary organic solar cells”, Energies (Impact Factor: 2.707), vol. 13 (2), p. 450, 2020.


    1. M.M. Stylianakis, D. Kosmidis, K. Anagnostou, C. Polyzoidis, M. Krassas, G. Kenanakis, G. Viskadouros, N. Kornilios, K. Petridis, and E. Kymakis, “Emphasizing the operational role of a novel graphene based ink into high performance ternary organic solar cells”, Nanomaterials (Impact Factor: 4.034), vol. 10 (1), p. 89, 2020.


    1. E. Gagaoudakis, A. Panagiotopoulos, T. Maksudov, M. Moschogiannaki, D. Katerinopoulou, G. Kakavelakis, G. Kiriakidis, V. Binas, E. Kymakis, and K. Petridis, “Self – powered, flexible and room temperature operated solution processed hybrid metal halide p-type sensing element for efficient hydrogen detection”, Journal of Physics: Materials (Impact Factor: pending), vol. 3 (1), 2020.


    1. G.A. Adamidis, I.O. Vardiambasis, M.P. Ioannidou, and T.N. Kapetanakis, “Design and implementation of an adaptive beamformer for phased array antenna applications”, DOI: 10.1002/mop.32231, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters (Wiley) (Impact Factor 2018: 0.948), pp. 1-5, 2020.











Articles in international scientific journals




    1. G. Perrakis, G. Kakavelakis, G. Kenanakis, C. Petridis, E. Stratakis, M. Kafesaki, and E. Kymakis, “Efficient and environmental – friendly perovskite solar cells via embedding plasmonic nanoparticles: An optical simulation study on realistic device architectures”, Optics Express (Impact Factor: 3.561), vol. 27 (12), pp. 31144-31163, 2019.


    1. K. Anagnostou, M.M. Stylianakis, K. Petridis, and E. Kymakis, “Building an organic solar cell: Fundamental procedures for device fabrication”, Energies (Impact Factor: 2.707), vol. 12 (11), p. 2188, 2019.


    1. S.M. Motsa, G.A. Drosopoulos, M.E. Stavroulaki, E. Maravelakis, R.P. Borg, P. Galea, …, and G.E. Stavroulakis, “Structural investigation of Mnajdra megalithic monument in Malta”, Journal of Cultural Heritage (Impact Factor 2019: 1.955), 2019.


    1. M. Kwiatkowski and D. Kalderis, “A complementary analysis of the porous structure of biochars obtained from biomass”, Carbon Letters (Impact Factor: 1.807), in press, 2019.


    1. O. Muter, G. Khroustalyova, A. Rimkus, D. Kalderis, J. Ruchala, A. Sibirny, and A. Rapoport, “Evaluation of the enhanced resistance of Ogataea (Hansenula) polymorpha to benzalkonium chloride as a resource for bioremediation technologies”, Process Biochemistry (Impact Factor: 2.883), in press, 2019.


    1. E. Markoulakis, A. Konstantaras, J. Chatzakis, R. Iyer, and E. Antonidakis, “Real time observation of a stationary magneton”, DOI: 10.1016/j.rinp.2019.102793, Results in Physics (Elsevier) (Impact Factor 2018: 3.042), 15(C), 102793, 2019.


    1. A. Khataee, D. Kalderis, P. Gholami, A. Fazli, M. Moschogiannaki, V. Binas, M. Lykaki, and M. Konsolakis, “Cu2O-CuO @biochar composite: Synthesis, characterization and its efficient photocatalytic performance”, Applied Surface Science (Impact Factor: 5.155), 498, 143846, 2019.


    1. F. Görmez, Ö. Görmez, B. Gözmen, and D. Kalderis, “Degradation of chloramphenicol and metronidazole by electro-Fenton process using graphene oxide-Fe3O4 as heterogeneous catalyst”, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering (Impact Factor: not yet appointed), 7, 102990, 2019.


    1. D. Kalderis, G. Papameletiou, and B. Kayan, “Assessment of orange peel hydrochar as a soil amendment: impact on clay soil physical properties and potential phytotoxicity”, Waste and Biomass Valorization (Impact Factor 2.358), 10(11), 3471-3484, 2019.


    1. T.M. Melesanaki, I.O. Vardiambasis, M.P. Ioannidou, E.A. Kokkinos, and A.M. Maras, “Estimating the parameters of the generalized KA distribution by applying the EM algorithm”, DOI: 10.1117/1.JRS.13.014518, Journal of Applied Remote Sensing (SPIE) (Impact Factor 2018: 0.976), vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 014518.1-7, January-March 2019.


    1. M.M. Stylianakis, T. Maksudov, A. Panagiotopoulos, G. Kakavelakis, and K. Petridis, “Inorganic and hybrid perovskite based laser devices: A Review”, Invited Paper in Materials (Impact Factor: 2.728), DOI: 10.3390/ma12060859, vol. 12(6), p. 859, March 2019.


    1. G.A. Adamidis, I.O. Vardiambasis, M.P. Ioannidou, and T.N. Kapetanakis, “Design and implementation of single-layer 4×4 and 8×8 Butler matrices for multibeam antenna arrays”, DOI: 10.1155/2019/1645281, International Journal of Antennas and Propagation (Hindawi) (Impact Factor 2018: 1.378), ID: 1645281, pp. 1-12, 2019.


    1. M.M. Stylianakis, G. Viskadouros, C. Polyzoidis, G. Veisakis, G. Kenanakis, N. Kornilios, K. Petridis, and E. Kymakis, “Updating the role of reduced graphene oxide Ink on field emission devices in synergy with charge transfer materials”, Nanomaterials (Impact Factor: 4.034), DOI: 10.3390/nano9020137, vol. 9 (2), p. 137, January 2019.