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Announcements at international scientific conferences




    1. Saridaki, E. Katsivela, L. Raisi, E. Violaki, A. Kaloutsakis, T. Glytsos, G. Tsiamis, N. Kalogerakis, and M. Lazaridis, “Coupling next-generation sequencing with culture-dependent techniques in assessing the bioaerosol load in the Historical Museum of Crete (Greece)”, e-Proceedings of the Hellenic Bioinformatics Conference 12 – 2019 ( H.bioinfo 2019), no 46, FORTH, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, 11-13 October 2019.


    1. Glytsos, M. Lazaridis, E. Katsivela, I. Kopanakis, L. Raisi, E. Violaki, A. Saridaki, and N. Kalogerakis, “Indoor/outdoor particulate matter and bioaerosol load of a museum in Mediterranean climate: The case of the Historical Museum of Crete (Greece), e-Proceedings of the European Aerosol Conference 2019 (EAC 2019), e-Abstract P3-155, Gothenburg, Sweden, 25-30 September 2019.


    1. E. Katsivela, L. Raisi, and M. Lazaridis, “Measurements of ambient microbial levels and deposits inside the Historical Museum of Crete, e-Proceedings of the 7th Iberian Meeting on Aerosol Science and Technology (RICTA 2019), p. 96, Lisbon, Portugal, 9-11 July 2019.






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